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Boston Bruins GPT

Kick back and chat about the Boston Bruins with our AI superfan bot. Dive into engaging stories of the team's epic journey, understand the impact of star players, unravel the spirit of devoted fans, and explore the deep roots of this iconic team in NHL history.

USA Hockey GPT

USA Hockey Chatbot: Instant access to athlete development strategies, safety guidelines, and coaching certification information. Get insights into USA Hockey's history, benefit details for members, and updates, all through this AI-powered tool.

Prep Hockey GPT

Explore New England prep hockey. Get comprehensive  insights into the top 40 programs. Learn about the application process, academic offerings, athletic training, school culture, and more. An essential tool for planning for prep hockey.

Gear Review GPT

Avoid gear option overload. The Gear Review Chatbot synthesizes thousands of expert reviews and finds the top-rated equipment, giving you the direct link to what you need. Make informed gear decisions effortlessly with pro  AI insights.

Hockey Jobs GPT

Jumpstart your hockey career with our Job Finder Chatbot. This AI coach is your insider guide to opportunities in NHL, AHL, NCAA, and more. Get personalized advice on roles, hiring trends, and application tips - your HR buddy in the hockey world.

Hockey IQ GPT

Boost your on-ice prowess with the Hockey IQ GPT Chatbot. Your AI guru for in-depth strategy discussions, dedicated hockey sense training, and game-changing pro tips. Unleash your potential and excel in every game, every time.

Official Rules GPT

Don't waste time scouring an 800-page pdf. The Hockey Rules Chatbot is your AI assistant, providing quick access and insights on even the most obscure regulations in USA Hockey's extensive rulebooks and documentation.

Goalie GPT

All net minder, no fluff. Expert tips, gear, training, mindset coaching. Welcome home goalies.

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Get updates on new chatbots and score a free Bruins eBook.

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